Facilities – OCS



Over the years, we have invested much into modernizing and upgrading our facilities and assets. It is an on-going process.

The company currently sits on a rather large piece of land. It is 12,500 sqm in size and on it, you can find a number of purpose-built facilities that aid our operations. Importantly, it has a waterfront that is the Gul Basin of Jurong. This long slipway allows us to build and move things quickly and with ease.

Below is shown our Fabrication Yard and Machine Workshop (unseen/inside). They are modern entities under a covered roof. Together they offer a production floor area of some 3,000 sqm and height clearances of 12m and 9m respectively, allowing us to take on tall jobs. A further 6000 sqm of open space is available outside.

As mentioned above, the unique feature of our yard is that 130m long Gul Basin waterfront from which heavy structures such as large diameter storage tanks, offshore structures, mud plants, etc., could be fabricated and then loaded directly onto waiting barges. This is often done with mobile cranes as well as floating ones.

With such facilities and machinery in place – coupled with an accessible waterfront – we have been able to offer remarkably short turnaround times on almost any project. Such quick turnovers have helped our company grow and achieve stirling benchmarks over the years. But we are not complacent. We want to continue to invest in our physical assets, maximise their use and at the same time make sure operations are safe in all aspects all the time.

Our Fabrication Yard is equipped with two 20-ton and two 10-ton overhead traveling cranes. They can traverse with ease the full 80m length of the shopfloor. The Machine Workshop is also similarly equipped but is necessarily only 40m in length. There are other state-of-the-art equipment.

Water Frontage : L 130mm x W 30m

Water Depth : 2 M at Chart Datum

Load Bearing Area : 25 MT / Sq M

Total Area : 12,500 Sq M

Covered Workshop : 6,000 Sq M

Open Shop Space : 3,500 Sq M

Fabrication Capacity : 3,000 MT (P,A)

Fabrication Work Shop

Jacking Up the Modules

Module Construction in Waterfront

Module Move out from Work Shop

OCS Overview

OCS Waterfront View

Vessel Repair Alongside Waterfront