MD Message – OCS


MD Message

Over the last 30 years, our EPC capabilities have kept pace with, and in some areas outpaced, the changes in offshore O&G and subsea sectors.  We have survived the economics ups and downs of offshore, subsea and marine industries, including the present downturn in O&G sector.

We have come out stronger, not necessarily always in P&L terms, but in terms of innovation and technology advances especially in environmental engineering area in O&G upstream and deep diving saturated systems. Our strong reputation continues to grow with our clients and the market for work excellence and innovative solutions and deliveries on time.  These are attested by our over 52 international top-name clients which can be seen on this website.

Despite the still gloomy outlook at the beginning of 2017 in the offshore O&G sector, I am optimistic about OCS’ future, considering our strengths in EPC, environmental engineering, subsea systems, our expansion into new markets, and potential synergies with strategic partners and potential investors.

With our core strengths, new technology and new initiatives, we fully embrace the present and future challenges of the industries we serve. At the same time, we also recognize the potential opportunities that come with them.  We have a basis to dream big.  We are confident that we can realise our vision to become Asia’s leading company in EPC and environmental engineering, especially in the offshore and marine sectors, within the next few years.